How A Doula Can Help Prepare A First-Time Mom For Birth

If you are pregnant for the first time, you are experiencing things you never have before. Every stage of pregnancy brings different challenges, and many moms feel nervous as their due date approaches because they don't know what to expect when it comes to labor and delivery. Doula program services are the perfect remedy for first-time pregnancy jitters. Here are a few ways a doula can help you prepare for the birth of your child.

Creating a Birth Plan

New moms might not know what to include in a birth plan. A doula can help give you the context you need to come up with a plan that reflects your desires for your birth experience. For example, you might wish for an hour of skin to skin contact before your baby is bathed. You might hope to give birth without the aid of an epidural. These are things you can write in your birth plan to help hospital or birth center staff know your needs and wants for your medical care. 

Your birth plan can also make provisions for plan B. For example if you end up needed a C-section, you might want a different plan for bonding with your baby if skin to skin is not possible Your doula can be there during the birth to advocate for your plan, especially if you are not able to do it yourself. 

Teaching Breathing and Support Techniques

Doulas can help train you for the birth of your baby. Labor is different for every mother, but some techniques can help to manage the pain levels some moms might experience. Your doula can also help you learn different positions for laboring. Many women mistakenly think that they must stay on their back during labor, but this position can actually make labor more uncomfortable. As you learn more about different laboring techniques, you can approach your child's due date with more confidence. 

Teaching and Helping Participating Partners

Finally, doulas can also help ready your partner for the birth experience. They might train your partner in coaching your breathing, in providing counter pressure during contractions, and in advocating for your needs. Partners play a key roll in birth support. A doula and a partner working together can help make sure that all of the needs of a pregnant mother are met during labor. 

For more information on how a doula can help you, contact doula program services in your area.