Reducing Cat Allergens in Your Home While You Build Up Immunity with Immunotherapy

If you've found out that you have an allergy to cats, things can get hard if you and your family have already become attached to a pet cat. Even though the allergies can be miserable, you probably still don't want to give up your cat. Immunotherapy, in the way of allergy shots, can help some people, but everyone's reaction is different. When you first start getting the shots, they will not be given to you at full strength, so you may still have a reaction to your cat until you build up your immunity. While you are waiting, here are some ways to alleviate your reaction to your cat.

Create a "cat-free" zone:

Try to create a room where the cat is never allowed and keep the door to this place tightly locked so he or she can't come inside (cats seem to have a knack for opening doors). Generally, the best room to do this is the bedroom. In addition to keeping the cat out, try to keep out clothing or bedding that the cat has touched as well. This creates a buffer zone so that if you allergies begin to bother you, you can go to that room until they subside.

Limit physical contact:

Though it may be hard, try not picking up, hugging, or petting the cat. Don't let the cat rub against you as well. Limit your handling of any bedding or toys that you cat has rubbed against or mouthed. If you do find yourself handling your cat, wash your hands as soon as possible and don't put them near your face. Move away from the cat if you start to have an allergic reaction.

Bathe your cat:

Bathing may temporarily reduce the amount of dander your cat produces. If you're still having a big allergic reaction to your cat, then you may want to have someone else do this part. If there's no one else in the household, then take the cat to the groomer. Make sure the water is warm, and only use shampoos designed for pets. A bonus to bathing is that many shampoos also kill parasites, such as fleas, thus giving the cat an added health benefit.

Many people experience complete relief through immunotherapy or react at a reduced level. Even if you decide to start allergy shots, you may want to continue the three practices listed above until you know that you are no longer reactive. If you think that allergy shots to reduce or eliminate your cat allergies are right for you, talk to a professional such as Allergy & Asthma Clinic of Wyoming LLC to get started on a regimen.