So Cold It’s HOT! Why Cryotherapy Is A Big Deal Now

Cryotherapy has a number of uses. For as many people that have used it, there are just as many who have not heard of it yet. However, it is a very hot topic, one which is worth investigating. Here is why this very cold therapy option is so hot right now.

Cryotherapy Quickly Removes Skin Tags and Moles

Prior issues with removing skin tags and moles is that if they were cancerous, some of their cells could transfer to the nearby tissues and bloodstream. Cryotherapy removes skin tags and moles without destroying or infecting blood and surrounding tissues. The mole or skin tag has its cells destroyed from the inside out, and then it is gently excised from the surface of the skin—no pain or anesthetics needed.

Cryotherapy Is Being Used to Treat Cancer

Invasive cancer cells and tumors hold even more danger for a patient than malignant skin cells from moles and skin tags. As such, cryotherapy is now being used to treat tumors and invasive cancer cells. Most of the procedures require little to no invasive surgical incisions, and cancer cells are destroyed on contact. (When tumors or cancer cells are deeper inside the body, the surgeon may opt to open up a surgical site, freeze the cells or tumor, and then immediately extract the frozen clump of tissue so that it cannot break apart and flow around the body.)

Lighter Applications of Cryotherapy Reduce Pain and Inflammation

You already know that ice reduces the pain and inflammation of an injury. Well, now more intense pain can be treated with lighter applications of cryotherapy. A "warmer" cryo wand is passed over the area where the pain is the most intense. It is made slightly warmer so that skin tissue and cells will not be destroyed during the therapy session. A protective barrier may also be used to protect the skin while the cryo wand does its job. The result is less pain, quicker healing, greater mobility, and less swelling and inflammation.

Full-Body "Cryo-saunas" Are in Use in Some Spas and Salons

Anyone wanting to experience the invigorating, blood-pumping cold of cryotherapy only has to step inside a "cryo-sauna." These full-body cryo-chambers chill every part of your body, except those covered by clothing to keep from cold-related injury (e.g., fingers, hands, feet, toes, genitals, breasts, ears, nose and lips). The rest of you is blasted with extremely cold air for two to four minutes. People who go through this service say that they feel more alert, awake, and alive, but you will have to decide that for yourself.