4 Reasons To Get Your Annual Wellness Exam

Experts suggest that you should go to the doctor at least once per year for your annual checkup. If you're in good health, going to the doctor every year might seem like an unnecessary hassle. After all, most people think it's enough to go to the doctor only when you feel sick. However, there are many benefits to establishing a wellness routine. Here are four reasons you should see your doctor annually:

1. Address your health concerns.

A year is a long time, and it's definitely long enough to develop new health concerns. There are many concerns that my trouble you but don't necessarily warrant a visit to the doctor on their own. Your annual wellness exam is the perfect time to bring up any questions you have for your doctor regarding your body or health.

2. Catch problems early.

During your annual physical, your doctor will draw your blood, check your blood pressure, and listen to your heart and lungs. In addition to these simple tests, they'll also note your weight and listen to any symptoms you may describe. These tests take very little time, but they can alert your doctor to potential health problems. Your annual physical can uncover high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other ailments. By catching illness early, your doctor will be able to devise an effective treatment plan that can help you preserve your health.

3.  Keep up with your vaccines.

Vaccines are an important way to fight against disease. Tetanus, hepatitis, and chicken pox are all preventable illnesses that you can stave off by getting your vaccines. Most vaccines are only effective for a limited period of time, so it's important to get booster shots when necessary. Your doctor will keep track of your vaccine schedule and administer injections as necessary, so you'll know you're always protected. 

4. Develop a rapport with your doctor.

Your primary care physician is the doctor you'll see most often. They perform your yearly physical, and they're the person you'll see about any concerns or ailments. If necessary, your primary care physician can refer you to a specialist for diagnostic testing or treatment. Annual physicals are a great time to check in with your doctor. By seeing your primary care physician regularly, you'll develop a rapport with them. When you feel comfortable with your doctor, you'll be more at ease during your appointments, and you may have an easier time bringing up embarrassing or sensitive symptoms.