Suffering With Chronic Back Pain? 3 Non-Surgical Options

Whether you are dealing with an underlying medical condition or an injury that occurred at home, work, or while playing sports or exercising, living with back pain can be difficult. Chronic pain not only affects your physical health, though. For many, a life filled with chronic pain can lead to anxiety, depression, and an inability to complete normal everyday activities. Thankfully, non-surgical help is available. Here are a few non-invasive options to consider for your chronic back pain.


Exercise may be the last thing you want to do if you are suffering with back pain, but it can actually help reduce your pain. Of course, before starting any new exercise routine, talk to your doctor to determine whether it will be safe for your specific condition or not. In many instances, exercising with a physical therapist's assistance will be recommended.

Exercise reduces pain in a few ways. Low-impact exercise, such as swimming and yoga, for instance, can strengthen the ligaments and muscles, helping you in a more effective manner. This, in turn, can reduce stiffness and pain.

Exercise also improves blood circulation through the body. This improve blood flow can reduce inflammation and pain.

Finally, exercise has been proven to boost endorphins. These natural chemicals flood the body, reducing pain and improving your overall mood.


You may be surprised to learn your diet can affect your physical and emotional health. Certain foods increase inflammation in the body, increasing your back pain and discomfort even further. By limiting these foods, you may be able to ease away your chronic back pain.

Foods that seem to cause inflammation include sugary foods, such as cookies, cakes, and candy, especially any sugary foods that are processed.

Foods with high levels of white flour and processed foods can also lead to inflammation. Consider cutting out white bread, rice, pasta, boxed meals, frozen foods, and other items that are highly processed.


Lastly, hydrotherapy is a non-invasive option for reducing back pain. Centered on the use of water in different forms, hydrotherapy boosts blood circulation and endorphins, reducing inflammation and pain while improving your mood.

Different forms of hydrotherapy include soaking in a jetted tub, resting in a sauna, relaxing in a steam shower, or using an ice pack.

There are instances where surgery may be the only way to cure your chronic back pain. However, help may be available if you want a less invasive option. Contact a clinic, like Arkansas Pain, Wound and Wellness Clinic, for more help.