Why Stem Cell Treatment Might Be An Option For Your Knee Pain

If you have chronic knee pain, you are likely always looking for something that can help stop that awkward throb. You might even be actively avoiding situations like climbing the stairs that could cause your knee to act up again. If you feel like you've already tried most of the standard treatments, there is at least one more option you might want to consider before you give up home. Today, stem cell treatment or injections are an increasingly viable way to reduce or even eliminate your knee pain. Here's why you might want to talk to a doctor about knee pain stem cell treatment today.

Promote Growth of Joint Cartilage 

Everyone with healthy knees or elbows has what is called joint cartilage that serves as a cushion for that area of the body every time it moves. If your cartilage has worn down over time due to old age or a medical condition, this means you won't really have much of a cushion and you'll be able to feel it as your joints grind together, leading to the pain. Leading researchers are still looking into the exact details of how it works, but it's generally accepted today that stem cell treatment may be able to help create new cartilage when injected directly into the knee near the joints. As you progress through the treatment and get more and more injections, you will hopefully begin to grow cartilage and your pain will naturally subside.

More Immediate Pain Relief

While the growth of joint cartilage is the long game when it comes to stem cell injections, you can also benefit in the short term from immediate pain relief. This is because these injections will release a protein called cytokine. Cytokine can help reduce pain and might even slow the future degeneration of your joint cartilage. After multiple stem cell injections, you may find that you can start weaning yourself off of your pain killers and that the relief you feel after an injection happens much more quickly than can be provided by a pill.

Stem cell injections can also help reduce inflammation in the area. If you have a medical condition like arthritis, anything inflammatory in the area will just make you feel even worse. Stem cell treatment can quickly calm the area down.

Stem cell treatment is being used more and more today to treat a wide variety of different ailments, including knee pain. Talk to a doctor today to see if stem cell treatment is right for you.