The Advantages Of Inpatient Anorexia Treatment

Enrolling in an inpatient anorexia treatment program may initially seem drastic. With so many outpatient treatment options, why would you instead choose to go live at a treatment center for weeks or months? Well, as it turns out, there are a lot of advantages of seeking inpatient treatment as an anorexia patient.

Inpatient treatment allows you to get away from the environment where your eating disorder perpetuates

Most people struggling with anorexia have a set of routines that are linked, in some way, to their living environment. For instance, you may have a habit of keeping foods in certain places in your fridge. You may have the habit of hiding foods in certain spots rather than eating them. Enrolling in an inpatient treatment program puts you in a whole new environment where you have not yet developed these habits. This can make it easier for you to form new, healthier habits.

Inpatient treatment allows for closer, professional supervision

The idea of having someone supervise you constantly probably sounds very unappealing, but often, this is what you need in order to recover from anorexia. At an inpatient treatment center, there will almost always be a doctor or staff member around to ensure you're not engaging in unhealthy habits or behaviors. This can lead to faster progress and recovery than you'd experience at home with nobody there to hold you accountable.

Inpatient treatment allows for better customization of care

When you're in an inpatient treatment center with professionals observing you constantly, those professionals are better able to assess your symptoms and devise the best strategy for recovery. For example, if they notice you get really anxious before you eat, they may recommend additional therapy for anxiety. If they notice you get really depressed at night, they may recommend additional therapy for depression. A lot of anorexia cases are associated with these other disorders, and inpatient treatment gives you the best chance of having them diagnosed and managed.

Inpatient treatment gives you support from others in your position

In an inpatient treatment program, you'll meet others who also suffer from anorexia. You can support each other in recovery. Many people become close friends with these fellow patients and rely on them, going forward, for many years. This kind of continued peer support, even once you're in recovery, is really valuable.

Inpatient treatment for anorexia is a big commitment, but it really can be the most effective option, too. Contact a local physician to learn more about anorexia treatment options.