The Benefits Of Child Play Therapy

Play therapy is a therapeutic tool that can be used by therapists and counselors. Play therapy can be used to help diagnose and treat children who may be experiencing cognitive impairment, behavioral issues, or other mental health challenges that they are having trouble articulating. Play therapy is typically used for children aged three to 12. If someone has recommended that your child try play therapy, you may be wondering what the benefits are. Here are three of those benefits. 

Allows a Therapist to See a Child In a Natural Setting

One of the biggest benefits associated with child play therapy is that it allows a therapist the ability to see a child in a natural setting. Traditionally, when you work with a therapist, you sit in a traditional office setting. Children are not going to sit and open up to a stranger. Play therapy allows a therapist to interact with a child and see them in a fun and safe environment. This can lead to a better and more accurate diagnosis. 

Provides a Child With Tools to Process Their Emotions

Many adults may understand the differences between the emotions they are feeling, such as feeling sad or angry. Unfortunately, children may not yet be able to articulate what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way. However, when you bring in play therapy, you give children the tools they need to explain frustration, sadness, hurt  or other emotions. Children can act out with toys and learn how to process their emotions, and a therapist can better understand what a child is feeling. 

Helps a Child to Problem Solve, Relieve Stress and Prevent Boredom  

The final benefit of child play therapy is that it can help a child in many ways. Different types of toys can help a child problem solve, relieve stress and/or prevent boredom. Finding the right toys or tools for a child can help them to better manage their emotions, let out pent up energy, or allow them to escape some of the stress in their life for a short period of time. 

Play therapy can be an invaluable tool that allows therapists and counselors to see children in a natural and safe setting, provides children with the tools they need to process their emotions and helps a child to problem solve, relieve stress and prevent boredom. If your child is in need of a therapist, finding a therapist that offers play therapy can be extremely beneficial. Reach out to local therapists today to learn more about scheduling an appointment for play therapy. A place like Life Redefined Clinical Counseling has more information.